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Nations Top Pro Eater Molly Schuyler defends her title

The Nation's Top Burger Eating Contest




Molly Schuyler downed 27 hamburgers within 10 minutes to capture the ninth annual Z-Burger Independence Burger Eating Championship which took place this afternoon (Tuesday, July 3) at the Tenleytown Z-Burger in Northwest Washington, D.C.

A 38-year-old mother of four who resides in Sacramento, CA, Schuyler consumed 27 burgers in 10 minutes, pocketing $1,500 for her victorious feast. Her winning count beat Dan “Killer” Kennedy (West Decatur, PA) who finished with 24 burgers, Bob “Notorious B.O.B.” Schoudt (Royersford, PA) in third place with 19 burgers, while two-time runner-up, David “Tiger Wings and Things” Brunelli (Philadelphia, PA) ate 18 burgers for fourth place, and Patrick “Deep Dish” Bertoletti (Chicago, IL) was fifth with 17 burgers.

Runner-up Kennedy pocketed $850, with $500 to Schoudt, and $400 for Brunelli. All other contestants among the field of 10 won Z-Burger gift cards in varying denominations.

“The Independence Day Burger Eating Contest is truly a major event on the competitive food eating landscape,” said founder Peter Tabibian, proprietor of four Z-Burger retail locations and the popular Z-Burger food truck. “Each year, our event continues to attract some of the top professional eaters from around the country. There’s always great anticipation leading up to our event, which tells us that those within the competitive eating community consider us as one of the real ‘go-to’ events of the year.” 

Champion Schuyler concurred. “I love coming to the Z-Burger contest each year,” she said. “With the music, the DJ and the large crowds, it’s a real fun and festive atmosphere. The excitement of the event really pushes the competitors. I’ll be back every year.” 

While that thought certainly spells potential doom for the other competitors, there’s no doubt that participants such as Brunelli also plan to return. “I’ll be back again too,” said the Philadelphia native. “And one of these days, I’ll actually beat Molly.” 

After falling short once again, he’ll need to wait until 2019. 

Featured Contestants

Molly Schuyler, Plumas Lake, California, #1 ranked Competitive Eater in the World

Bob Shoudt, "Notorious B.O.B." Royersford, Pa, #2 ranked

David "Tiger Wings and Things" Brunelli, Philadelphia, # 3 ranked 

Dan “Killer” Kennedy West Decatur, PA, #4 ranked

Patrick “Deep Dish” Bertoletti, Chicago

Free Burgers for Spectators

Immediately after the contest all spectators will receive a free burger until 2pm


$4,000.00 in Cash and Prizes

First Place $1,500 cash

Second Place $850 cash

Third Place  $500 cash

Fourth Place $400 cash 

Fifth Place $300 Z-Burger food

Sixth Place  $200 Z-Burger food

Seventh Place $100 Z-Burger food

Eighth Place  $75 Z-Burger food

Ninth Place $50 Z-Burger food

Tenth Place  $25 Z-Burger food

2018 Official Rules



CONTEST RULES: Contestants will compete against one another for a Grand Prize. Additional winners will be selected by appointed Z-Burger representative in its sole discretion.  Time, date and place are subject to change without notice. Z-Burger reserves the right to cancel the contest at its sole discretion. The appearance of the contestants must be appropriate for the event. If anything the contestant is wearing is deemed inappropriate the contestant may be subject to disqualification. Contestants are required to arrive on-site by 11:30 am on the day of the competition. All contestants are expected to arrive on time, those who are more than five minutes late risk being disqualified. 

The object is to eat as many "burgers" as possible within the set time frame: 10 minutes. Contestants may eat either sitting or standing in their designated area using hands. Contestants will be allowed to use and/or drink water (provided by Z-Burger) during the competition. Water Bottles will be provided and the contestants cannot obscure the water bottle and are not permitted to regurgitate any food back into the bottle and then eat that food. Contestants must finish eating one “burger” before proceeding to the next “burger”. Contestants must wait for the starting signal to begin eating and may not touch any “burger” prior to the starting signal. Contestants must stop eating and must promptly place their hands down on the table or at their side at the ending signal. Contestants may not put additional “burgers” or portions of “burgers” in their mouths after the ending signal, but will be allowed 15 seconds to swallow any “burger” already in their mouth. 

If a contestant throws up or regurgitates during or within the following 2 minutes after the competition, he/she will automatically be disqualified. Judges will be on hand to assure compliance with contest rules, tally the number of “burgers” eaten, monitor the “no throw up or regurgitating” rule, and to disqualify contestants who fail to adhere to the rules. Winners will be determined by counting the number of “burgers” and parts of the “burgers” eaten. In the event of a tie, after a brief interval, a 2-minute eat-off will take place until a winner is selected.  

Z-Burger reserves the right to disqualify any contestant in the event of a violation of any Z-Burger Rules or conduct which is unbecoming or otherwise casts a negative light on Z-Burger’s Independence Burger Eating Competition, as determined by Z Burger in its sole and absolute discretion.

Grounds for disqualification include but are not limited to:

• Late arrival

• False or incomplete entry form or liability waiver

• Any health risks that could jeopardize the contestant’s health or well being

• Under the influence of any substance

• Appearance is deemed inappropriate

• Failure to register by email or fax

• Starting prior to the start signal

• Continuing to eat after the ending signal

• Failure to completely eat a “burger” before beginning to eat another “burger”.

• Throwing up or regurgitating during or within the first 2 minute(s) of the ending signal

Note: Z-Burger reserves the right to disqualify any contestant for any reason without explanation.

ACKNOWLEDGEMENT OF RISKS AND WAIVER OF LIABILITY: Contestant acknowledges that there are risks of personal injury, illness and possible loss of life, and risks of damage to or loss of personal property, which may result from participating in this contest. Contestant voluntarily enters Z-Burger’s Independence Burger Eating Championship and assumes all of these risks. Contestant, as a condition of entry, agrees to indemnify, defend and hold harmless Z-Burger and affiliated companies, their vendors, their advertising, promotion and public relations agencies, co-sponsoring companies and their affiliates and agencies, and all officers, directors, employees and agents of the aforesaid entities, from any and all claims and costs, including attorneys’ fees, relating to, arising from or in connected with the contestant’s  with participation in this contest or the receipt or use of any prize. In so doing, contestant releases and indemnifies the aforesaid entities and individuals from liability for injuries or damages of any kind arising from, related to or in any way   connected   to the contestants participation in this contest or the receipt or use of any prize. In no event shall Z-Burger be liable to a contestant for acts or omissions arising out of or related to the contest or that contestant’s participation in the contest.

FINAL AUTHORITY: Z-Burger has sole and complete discretion regarding all contest related matters. All decisions regarding qualifications, selection or disqualification of a contestant/s or winner/s shall be subject to the sole and complete discretion of Z-Burger. Contestant can be disqualified for any reason at any time. CONTESTANT AGREES NOT TO CHALLENGE THE OUTCOME AND ANY PART OR ASPECT OF THIS CONTEST.